An Old Chick Named Hazel

Meet Hazel, a spunky 80 year old who wants to age gracefully in her own home.   This blog series provides tips and links to products to help seniors live independently in their current home.  

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Easy Dressing

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Now a word about comfortable clothing. Hazel couldn’t handle buttons or zippers well and we certainly didn’t want her falling over her clothes because she couldn’t zip them up or revealing things we didn’t want to see. What really worked for her were pants with an elastic waist, soft knit type clothing, drawstrings and items like sweats. This is good for both men and women. It just makes dressing easier. There are some snazzy knit pant suits out there for for women.

In some cases Hazel used Velcro on jackets to make them easier to open and close. there are some that are easy to adhere to fabric. No sewing is necessary. Velcro is easy to find at a fabric store or online.

Here's an age old question, do you really need to wear a bra? I believe most older women want to wear a bra for uplift. Sometimes the bras that snap in the front are easier to put on. W hen putting on the front closures, you can put your arms through the straps and lean back on the bed to hook it up. There are other bras with wider straps that offer more comfort. For Hazel, the easiest way to put on her bra was to snap or hook it first, then step into it. then there is always the option to do like one of Hazel’s friends did….go bra-less. After a certain age, if that’s what you want to do, then why not be free.

Shoes – ladies, you have to let the high heels go. Find shoes that have good support and slippers that don’t slide off easily. If the shoes require shoe strings, consider using elastic stretchable shoestrings so you can slip your foot in and out of the shoe. There are different types of elastic laces, even some for men's dress shoes, so find the best for you. And try using a long shoe horn to help put on the shoes.

And one last tip for the ladies. Hazel would carry an over the shoulder cross body pocket book. That way she had a good grip on her purse and didn't have to worry about it falling off her shoulders.

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