An Old Chick Named Hazel

Meet Hazel, a spunky 80 year old who wants to age gracefully in her own home.   This blog series provides tips and links to products to help seniors live independently in their current home.  

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I Like To Get My Flowers While I'm Living

Updated: May 9, 2019

Hazel doesn't believe in sending flowers to funerals. Instead she likes to give and receive her flowers while still on this earth. That's probably why she had such a large vegetable and flower garden when she was raising her children. Her vegetable garden had rows of turnips, collards and mustards, green beans, eggplants and tomatoes. Her three flower beds were filled with colorful flowers including her favorite - purple irises. The backyard had a tulip garden with tulips of every color mixed in together. She would share the tulips with the neighbors, friends and just enjoy them in her own house. In later years, Hazel would have plants and flowers on the front porch and a small area in the back yard not to far from the house. The spring ritual of planting was always a pick me up for her and she got the kids and grandkids involved. You too can have fun with your loved one at home this spring without having to lug a large bag of soil home. Try an herbal growing kit, vegetable or a flower kit that has all the ingredients needed to start a garden. The planting is good for the soul and the new growth gives a spark of hopefulness of good things to come. And maybe you can share your new growth with a neighbor or someone you love while they are still living on this earth.




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